Getting Fit from home

Being a working mom shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you’re supposed to. Staying fit for instance, often gets neglected due to so many responsibilities. With your plate overflowing with things you need to do, how will you find the time to get in those squats and push-ups?

Did you know that the recommended physical activity for an American adult should be at least 150 minutes per week? That’s only to achieve substantial health benefits. If you want to up your fitness game, 300 minutes should be your goal. Don’t worry because the gym is not the only place where you can be fit. In fact, you can even do a fitness challenge at home! Here are a couple of reasons why you should: You’ll have high energy levels which you need to keep up with your kids. Children seem to have an infinite source of energy which you have to match. Don’t let yourself get left behind.

You’ll be more effective in managing time. It wouldn’t take so much time to exercise but squeezing it in on your daily schedule sure is tough. But once you figured out how to do it, you’ll be more productive and will learn how to value time more.

It relieves stress. Focusing your mind on your routine diverts your mind from stressful things in life. It also gives you freedom and time away from your kids momentarily which is good. However, you can also use this as an opportunity to bond more with your kids if you exercise with them.

It will boost your confidence. Not only is getting fit good for your body but it will also make you feel good about yourself. Gone will be the days when you feel like you look so old for your age.You’ll sleep better. When you became a mother, sleeping somehow became a privilege in the process. Exercising will help you get that good night sleep you’ve been deprived of. This is extremely helpful especially if you’re suffering from insomnia. If you’re already sold on the idea that you will benefit a lot from being a fit mom, here are 6 workouts that will boost your heart rate and get you going.


1. Work your shoulder: press

✔️ Grab a pair of 2kg dumbbells (or two-litre bottles of water if you don't have weights), and stand with your feet hip-width apart.

✔️ Raise the weights up to shoulder height, bending your elbows – this is your start point.

✔️ Raise the weights above your head until your arms are straight, lower down and repeat 15 times.


2. Work your bum and legs: step ups

✔️ Stand facing a bottom stair or step.

✔️ Step up with your right leg, then follow with your left foot.

✔️ Step down with your right, then your left. This is one rep. Do 20.

✔️ Repeat as fast as you can, trying not to pause between reps.


3. Work your abs: sofa crunches

✔️ Lie on the floor, calves resting on a chair or sofa, hands at your temples.

✔️ Raise your torso off the floor to the side so that your right elbow meets your left knee.

✔️ Lower back down and repeat on the other side. This is one rep. Do 20.


4. Work your whole body: plank

✔️ An oldie but a goodie! Lie on your front with your elbows under your shoulders, legs together and back straight.

✔️ Lift off the floor so your weight is on your forearms and toes.

✔️ Engage your abs and hold for 60 seconds, trying not to raise your bum


5. Work your triceps: coffee table dips

✔️ Sit on the edge of a coffee table or chair with your hands facing forwards over the edge, legs together and straight out in front of you.

✔️ Lift yourself off and bending your elbows, lower yourself towards the floor until your bum almost touches it.

✔️ Raise back up. This is one rep, do 15 reps total.


6. Work your thighs: pulsing lunges

✔️ Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips.

✔️ Lunge forward with your left leg, until your right knee is just above the ground (ensure your left knee doesn't go over your toe).

 ✔️ Stay in this position and pulse gently up and down for 20 reps. Switch legs and do another 20 reps on the other side.

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