Its Okay to Vacation in Winter!

The last month of the year can be hectic, but with some planning, you can make time for a getaway to relax and approach the holiday celebrations with energy and enthusiasm. Get shopping, decorating, baking, or whatever is on your to-do list out of the way, and take the family—or just yourself—on a little vacation. These are the best places to travel in December, whether you're looking for a beach weekend away or a trip to the European Christmas markets

If you want to avoid the cold weather, we have a few ideas for you. Escape the chill and head to Miami, where you can find beaches and holiday festivities. Not far from Florida’s coast, hotels and resorts in the Bahamas are welcoming guests and providing support to the islands that were damaged by the recent storm. Most of the 700 islands escaped the wrath of Hurricane Dorian, and the return of tourism will help their residents and the hospitality industry. Punta Mita, warm and surrounded by the sea, is another beach-y destination to consider. For a casual road trip that includes wine, scenery, and a special art installation, visit California’s Central Coast.

If you have a little extra time this holiday season and you want to feel that Christmas spirit, think about a European river cruise to the historic Christmas markets on the Rhine or Danube. Those who would prefer to stay on land will find a visit to the charming Cotswolds the perfect introduction to the season. The city of Winston-Salem celebrates their history and Christmas customs each December as well, making it a great holiday destination. In Tokyo, light shows throughout the city make December an exciting time to visit. Speaking of lights, what glitters more than the Las Vegas strip? It’s always colorful there, especially at this time of year.

With so many choices, you can find the right place to spend a few December days. Embrace winter’s chill or fly away from it for a while. Take a long weekend or a whole week out of town. In this season of shopping and gift giving, remember that travel is a great gift to give yourself or others.

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