Motherhood can be challenging But...

Motherhood is challenging, and incredibly rewarding, but the stresses of raising children can definitely pile up. Having to be the mother, the wife, the nanny, the teacher for home work. The chef for cooking because they will not let you live it down with out food. The taxi driver from school to practice to playdates this list could just go on. But through it all we wouldn't change it for the world. Let's identify the stress in our lives as mothers so that we can have solution to the problem.  

The Stress List

- Sleep Deprivation because we can go to sleep we need to be sure everything is done.
- Day to day parenting challenges like raising two teens and two toddlers, or trying to toilet train your child, or put them on a sleeping routine. 
- Being patient because your child decided to poop in his diaper rather then tee you he needed to go to the bathroom. Or your teenage daughter  
- Dealing with tantrums and emotions because your child decided to have a tantrum because he wants something from the store that you said no to.
- Feeling overwhelmed because being a mother didn't come with a manual and sometime you feel like you're doing the wrong things. 
- Balancing work and mom life because sometime work is overwhelming and your kids just want a hot cooked meal at home. 
- Feeling judged by other parents because you didn't join the PTA or make a hand made costume for halloween. 

The Solution List

- Sleep Deprivation take naps when you can even for 15 min it helps
- Day to day parenting challenges have your kids pitch in, make it a game and create prizes and consequences if they don't help.
- Being patient take deep breaths and try to just keep calm.
- Dealing with tantrums and emotions ignore the tantrums because that type of attitude does not get attention, and when they stop you can then talk to them. 
- Feeling overwhelmed you are not alone we all feel overwhelmed the only difference is the reaction. So if you have mom friends reach out to them and have a laugh it will restart your day. 
- Balancing work and mom life even if you buy outside food its ok. It does not make you  horrible mother. Its makes you a responsible loving mother that found a way to make sure her child was fead. You are amazing don't forget it.  
- Feeling judged by other parents we all have our own things that makes us amazing as mothers stick to that. Be you everyone else is taken don't try to be that other mom. You will just be setting your self-up for failure so just don't do it. 

These are just some thing that I've dealt with or have felt in the past and I just wanted to share with you. Let me know what your stress lists are I would love to hear them. Leave me a comment down below. 

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