Working out while pregnant and staying strong.

Working out is already a challenge and being pregnant can make you feel like you just don't want to do anything. But stay strong because working out now will help you in the long run. As a mother of three and on on the way I can absolutely see the difference when I workout and when I don't. Working out while pregnant is a good thing for many reasons, here are just a few.

1.You're likely to gain less weight. Research shows you might put on 7 pounds less than pregnant women who don't work out, while still staying within the healthy.

2. Labor and delivery may be easier. No guarantees, of course, but strong abs and a fit cardiovascular system can give you more oomph and stamina for the pushing stage. 

3. You lower your gestational diabetes risk by as much as 27 percent. High blood sugar during pregnancy puts you at extremely high risk for developing type II diabetes in the decade after delivering and raises the odds of preterm delivery or having an overweight baby. If you do develop it and many fit women do because genetics and age play a significant role exercise may help prevent or delay your need for insulin or other medications.

4.You feel less like a beached whale and more like a hot mama. Women who exercise throughout pregnancy have a better body image than those who sit out the nine months.

5. You'll bounce back faster after delivery. Compared with new moms who were inactive during pregnancy, those who exercised are more likely to socialize and enjoy hobbies and entertainment post-baby. They just seem to cope better with the demands of new motherhood, and for me  I can say that it works. 

You are soon to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Keep them strong here is just a couple of things that I love to do.



  • Hold a light pair of dumbbells against the front of your thighs with palms facing in.
  • Slowly open arms out to the side of body.
  • Keep a good rhythm and open and close
  • That is one repetition. Try for 5 complete repetitions.


Squats help in strengthening your leg muscles and glutes, also maintain the shape of your bottom.


  • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Take dumbbells in hand then stretch your arms towards the front for balance.
  • Slowly lower your position into a squat position as far as you are comfortable, keeping your back straight and knees behind or in line with the toes.
  • Now, return to the original position by squeezing your glutes muscles up.
  • Perform a set of this exercise with 10 to 15 repetitions.

Working out does not mean you have to do 10 different exercises. As long as you are doing something rather than nothing is the key. Even if it's just these two exercises, just do something. 

I love working out how about you? Let me know what works for you in the comments down below. 

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