10 Ways To Make Your Morning Routine A Little Healthier

Most of us start our mornings with madness: snoozing the alarm, skipping breakfast and rushing to work. But because the tone of the morning determines the tone of the day, it’s important to form healthy morning habits so that you are ready for whatever comes your way.

In order to inculcate positive habits, you’ll need to put some additional effort into the process until it becomes second nature. So, here are 10 simple tips for improving the way you start your day, so that you can kickstart yourself into a good mood and a successful routine.


1. Try Waking Up Naturally

Try not to set an alarm clock! If you stick to a regular sleeping pattern, your wake-up schedule will come naturally.

Or, try a trick: open the curtains halfway, so that the next day you will be woken up naturally by the sunlight. If you practice this, you will find yourself getting up without an alarm clock.


2. Avoid Using Snooze

Using the snooze has been proven harmful, because those extra minutes of sleep do not provide you with quality rest. Instead, it’s better to set an alarm 15 minutes before your usual wake-up time and use that time to prepare yourself for the day.


3. Stretch Your Body

This is something that everyone should do. Stretching your body increases your blood flow and sends oxygen to your body tissue.

Start with your hands, fingers and wrists, then move on to your toes and ankles. This activity can loosen up your joints and make you flexible.


4. Start with a Healthy Meal

Everyone has heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; still, you probably skip it with far too much frequency. In order to avoid this, try eating something that is easier to cook and is packed with nutrition.

By eating breakfast, you will avoid overeating the rest of the day, and it will also help you concentrate better. Your breakfast should include fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins.

5. Meditate Daily

Practicing meditation can help you in training your mind and body, which affects how you accept the challenges of the entire day.

While meditating, set your intentions for the day. This will later help you in completing your daily tasks and making sound decisions, just the way you want.

6. Water First, Coffee Second

Most people start their day by drinking coffee or tea, but you should make sure to take care of your health before you indulge in one of these drinks.

Beverages such as juice, soda and sugary drinks are unhealthy, so start your day by drinking a cup of water before you drink anything else.

Staying hydrated can impact your mood, productivity and ability to focus.



7. Stay Unplugged

Nowadays, most people check their smartphones right when they wake up.

Instead, try writing in a journal or listening to music.

Try to detach from technology in the early morning hours so that you start your day with a positive mindset.


8. Always Plan Ahead

The most productive thing you can do to start your day is to plan ahead. Make sure you plan out your day by deciding on what you plan to accomplish, such as how you want to spend the entire day. Decide on the clothes you want to wear and what you want to eat for breakfast.

By taking some time to knock out these logistics, you will be able to schedule your day in a better manner and avoid forgetting important events.These time-management habits are practiced by most successful people for a happy morning and life.


9. Take Time to Work Out

Whether it’s yoga, a brisk walk or a quick set up of push-ups at your home, starting off your day with some exercise energizes your mind and body. Know what kind of exercise is beneficial for you and practice it. The practice of exercising daily keeps your blood flowing and gives you mental peace.

While working out, ensure that you avoid exercising in a dusty area to make sure you don’t irritate your nose. Or, in order to avoid allergies, take a Cetirizine tablet, which can help in curing allergies.


10. Start the Day with a Positive Affirmation

Beginning your day with a positive affirmation or reading an inspiring quote can open your mind to healthy choices for the day.

Before getting up, give yourself the time to practice optimism and smile. Because when you smile, it signals your brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters that improve your mood and soothe the body.


So, are you ready for the day?

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