Summer 2019 Bucket list

No matter how old you are, 18, 28, 38 or 68! If you are still alive and have the energy to do it, then you should try to accomplish a bucket list this summer. We are always putting things off because we think that we will always get to them, one day. We never sit to think about how blessed we are that we got one more day, and that for many, it will be their last. Get up, shake off the bed sheets, drop the Instagram and try something fun this beautiful summer weekend! Grab your BF or your BFF and take them on an adventure. Better yet, try some of these alone. Take the time to get to know yourself this summer. You never know, this could be the summer you fall in love, but it’s not going to happen sitting in the comfort of your couch/bed. As a wise person once said; “everybody dies, but not everybody lives” (Nicky Minaj –Idk if wise, but a good rapper lol).

The following are things that are on my personal list or have tried and loved. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, leave a comment and we’ll add it to share the fun.

Plan a picnic- Did you know that most universities have arboretums or botanic gardens that are free? Eat delicious snacks, with some wine while watching the sun set, in a flower garden… heavenly

Go to a drive in theatre- This is something that is good to try at least once in your life. If there isn’t a drive in theatre in your town, borrow a projector from somebody (Pssst some universities will have them available to check out). Go to the back yard, Hang a white blanket to serve as a screen, hook up speakers to computer, put pillows on the grass, make some popcorn. Enjoy the show under the stars.

Plan a trip to a new city- Make a weekend itinerary to go to place you have never been before. Purchase a ticket! Frontier airlines sometimes has tickets for $30 to Florida from North Carolina! Or better yet, see what cities are on sale from your town and search what there is to see. I always recommend Airbnb if staying the night It’s cheap, and safe with the proper search.

Camp at the beach – There is nothing more peaceful then falling asleep to the sound of the waves. Plan a camping trip with several friends, one of them is bound to have a tent. If you live in a place where the beach is not close, then plan a camping trip to the mountains or by a lake. Its about connecting to nature, not Wi-Fi.

Go to a farmers market- not only is it good to support your local vendors and farmers but the food will be of better quality.

Read the book you bought but never got around to read- Some of us love the idea of reading a book and have purchased books that we feel will be entertaining to us. But we never take the time to start them. Take 30 min before you go to bed and dedicate it to that book you’ve been saving for so long. Hopefully you choose wisely and it’s a book that will leave a teaching once completed.

Start Meditating- This is something that could become a good habit even after the summer. In the morning take 15 min to silence your mind and body and focus on your breathing. It will help you make calmer decisions through out the day.

Try skydiving- It’s a little edgy to go from meditating to skydiving, but it’s something we should all try once in our lives. Try it in your early 20’s because once you start getting older you might think about it too much.


Go to an art gallery or Museum- Most us have lived in town we are currently at for more than 5 years and have never visited our local museums or galleries. Try it! It will only enrich your knowledge.

Go river tubing- it’s a fun and will get your adrenalin pumping in certain parts. Nice way to spend a sunny Saturday floating with friends and a cooler full of beer. 

Run a Marathon-depending on your fitness level you choose the distance you think your body can handle. A 5K is a pretty good place to start.

Go to a theme park- Theme park is a great place to scream your guts out and a perfect way end your week and begin a new week at school or work.

Try new  ethnic restaurants from groupon. I love groupon when I want to try new ethnic foods. Instead of searching online for a different dinning experience I choose from the list groupon has, and better yet, at a discounted price. This way, If I didn’t like it, I won’t feel too guilty spending a lot of money on it. I have found some jewels through this site.

Go thrift shopping-enrich your closet with good finds from your local thrift stores. Its cheaper and sustainable. 

Go to a music festival

Go to pop up shops

Make time for family/ visit grandparents

Go hiking in local parks

Volunteer at an animal shelter- you never know, you might stumble across your best friend who is waiting for you to take him home.

Go through your closet and donate the clothes you haven’t worn is more then 6 months

Have a water balloon fight with your sister’s kids

Attend a local church of your choice. We all need some Jesus in our lives.

The point of this list is to go out and do something that will make you feel alive, make you feel connected to nature and people, not things.

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