What happened to the leggings?

We expanded them! that's what... ☺️

Never in our wildest dreams did we think our swimwear department would catch fire and become so popular worldwide. But that's exactly what happened. And over the last year that division of our fashion house grew to become a life of its own. Therefore Shannon & I decided to build a team dedicated to Swimwear & Beachwear only and move our leggings to BurningSands.com. Ultimately bringing customers the same great quality, fit and feel and we carved out an entire creative space at our showroom for just that. We intend for the Klassy Swimwear to flourish big-time for 2019.

In moving our leggings to Burning Sands, we now offer Klassy Kassy leggings for beautiful plus size women, for young kids and even leggings for men. New and exciting patterns and colors, styles and cuts will now be showcased the way they deserve so we can better serve our growing swimwear demand here.

So yea, nothing bad happened..... only GOOD stuff. Be sure to bookmark: BurningSands.com. for fast access to the leggings.

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